Carpet trends in Englewood, FL

Carpet trends in Englewood, FL

There is nothing better than finding the perfect floor covering for your home, and better still if it is trendy all at the same time. Today, we will talk about some specific carpet trends in Englewood, FL, for your consideration.

Carpeting makes a difference when it is in style

One of the trendiest and most beneficial options in carpet right now is stain-resistant options, and they are easier to find than you might think. Many manufacturers build this protection into the fibers for protection that remains for the life of the flooring.

Colors making a big wave on the market today are blues and grays, with other options such as multi-colored and bold colors playing a big part. So naturally, your décor will dictate which of these options works in your home.

Textures have always been important, and in Englewood, FL, you will find Frieze, cut & loop, plush, and ribbed textures playing a part in many homes. Also, don't forget to ask about carpet tiles and planks, as they are also a big deal in today's market.

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