Do I need a pad for my carpet flooring?

Do I need a pad for my carpet flooring?

If you don't put a pad beneath your new carpet, you'll be repurchasing a new carpet soon! Padding, also called underlayment, keeps the carpet from rubbing against the subfloor, absorbing the impact of footsteps.

Quality Carpet Outlet in Englewood, FL, offers a large selection of high-quality carpeting and the padding it needs to attain a long lifespan.

Additional benefits

Padding does more than protect the carpet from wear and provides comfort underfoot. In addition, it helps insulate your home, so it stays cooler during the summer months and warmer when it's cold outside, which means your home uses less energy.

In addition, padding dampens noise from household activities and keeps moisture from reaching the subfloor.

Padding materials

The type of pad needed for your floor covering upgrade depends on the carpet you choose. Padding materials include synthetic and natural fibers, slab rubber, waffle rubber, and various types of foam, including memory foam.

Foremost, the density and thickness of the padding must be matched to the carpet flooring to keep your warranty in good standing.

Thick vs. thin

Keeping a few facts in mind can help guide your choice of carpeting and padding. Thicker carpet padding is not ideal for high traffic areas; better suited to a thinner carpet pad with a heavier weight.

Likewise, Berber is a light carpet type, requiring a thin carpet pad rather than a thick pad with too much 'give' for the style.

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