Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Unless you are familiar with the improved characteristics in carpet manufacturing, you might think that carpeting is a horrible choice for your pet-friendly home. However, it’s a better choice for this use than ever before, and we’re going to give you more details in today’s post.

Pet-friend carpeting is real

With modern technological advancements in carpet construction, you'll find plenty of products that will create an ideal surface for your pets. For instance, hypoallergenic fibers are added to some brands to trap and hold allergens, including pet dander, for improved air quality.

Some brands build stain and odor protection right into the fibers they create for protection that lasts for years. It doesn't wear or wash off, even with repetitive professional cleanings, so you're protected for the life of your flooring.

To keep your carpeting looking its best, be sure to vacuum daily and clean up messes as soon as they happen to avoid damage or stains. If you have further questions about how to choose a carpet that is as pet-friendly as you need it to be, visit us and speak with a flooring professional today.

Find the flooring you need in our carpet store

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