Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Wool carpets were laid in early homes. Then less costly synthetic fibers were developed in the mid-twentieth century as an alternative to wool fibers. Today, most carpeting is constructed of manufactured fibers like nylon and polyester. You can find a large selection of the latest synthetic and wool carpet styles at Quality Carpet Outlet in Englewood, Florida. We carry carpeting suitable for all homes, even those that include pets.


Nylon, the most popular carpet fiber for decades, is known for its resilience. A nylon carpet will retain its like-new look for many years. That's because fibers bounce back after compression rather than becoming crushed or matted. This floor covering is treated in the factory for stain resistance. Fibers are fade and abrasion-resistant, too. As a result, nylon carpet is suitable for the most active areas of the home. However, production costs tend to be high, so polyester carpeting is the more budget-friendly purchasing choice.


Production costs are lower, too, for many brands of polyester carpets since they are made with recycled plastic drink bottles. Nylon is favored for its durability, while environmentally-friendly polyester is prized for its softness and vibrant colors. Most often, nylon carpeting is available in matte colors. Polyester fibers are highly stain-resistant since they are hydrophobic. Thus, the fiber naturally repels liquid. If a spill occurs, it's easy to remove, and it won't damage the carpet. A polyester carpet works well in a bedroom or other low-traffic space.

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